Plant Spirit Journey with Sacred Sound workshop

Saturday, April 7, 2018 - 1:00pm


Your invited to journey and learn with some very beautiful plant spirits. Join Vermont's Shamanic sound healer and herbalist David Kuhn In this 4 hour mini workshop we will experience and learn how to connect with plant spirits and enter in to and connect with the subtle realms while balancing are central channel. 
We will work with three chakras and a corresponding herb We will start with the root chakra and we will drink and meet Burdock.
We all know burdock root. This is a very important medicine to ground and heal trauma while integrating high vibrations into our lives.
We will go to the crown chakra next and drink and meet Blue lotus.
Blue lotus has been used in ceremony for thousand of years. 
Ancient Egyptians would connect with her to expand and awaken the pineal gland and crown Chakra. 
We will then explore the heart with rose.
Bringing it home and entering into blissful states of love.
David will guide you to meet the plant spirits so you may gather wisdom and knowledge that may help you in your everyday life 
This is a rare opportunity to learn how to create relationship with the green nation
David Kuhn will create magical Sounds with gong crystal, bowls , drums and more to act as a catalyst for journeying.
No experience is needed.
Just a willingness to learn and play
$45 for this special workshop
Pre registration is required for attendence. 

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