Journey to the heart -A Shamanic Sound Healing Training level 1 with David Kuhn Shamanic Sound Healer

Friday, January 26, 2018 - 6:30pm
Saturday, January 27, 2018 - 10:00am
Sunday, January 28, 2018 - 10:00am

Journey to the heart

A Shamanic Sound Healing Training level 1

Join David Kuhn Shamanic Sound Healer For A Transformational weekend.

David will share the basics of shamanic sound healing.

Learn advanced therapeutic sound healing techniques.

From the magic of sound to the science of sound.

We will explore and experience the beauty and power of sound healing


The Sound Healing Training will include:

Four separate sacred sound ceremony's in relationship with Plant Spirit Medicine, Chakras, Elements, Guides, Ancestors.

All in resonance together with deep rich harmonic sounds

reconnecting us all to our authentic self Learn Sound Techniques that help with depression,anxiety,

trauma, spiritual crisis

We will delve into the world of science exploring the nature of sound Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Music Theory, Healing Frequencies,

Binaural beats, Resonance. Neural Physiology and Heart Entrainment

Sound Healing Training will help build a stong foundation

Sunday morning will focus on the voice and the importance and incredible healing potential of everyones voice.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the Heart and the sound of love

Participants will be introduced to tuning forks, Gong,

Singing Bowls Native Drums. Rattles and lots more.


Everyone is welcome !

For personal or professional use

Great add on for Acupuncturists, Psychotherapist,

Medical field, Massage and any healing modalities.


More info and complete weekend syllabus at

222.00 for three day weekend


Weekend Course Fee $222 

"I entered David's sound healing not sure of what to expect. As I lay there the sounds gently carried me away to a place that felt like home. I was transported to a familiar place. I'd been there before. The experience was very similar to my Ayahuasca experiances in Peru. Similar in the visions, different in that I easily regained reality when the ceremony was over. Met by loving beings concerned with my healing. Between tears of joy and sorrow I was made clear of my next move. A magical healing experience I would recommend to all." Darin bliss

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