Full Moon Cacao & Sound Ceremony

Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 2:00pm

Join us for a special Full moon multi~sensory experience.

Casey Dixon and Jennifer Aurelia

According to the 1792 Farmer's Almenac the first full Moon in March is called the Sap or Worm moon. Because sap rises in March, this full moon is called the sap moon. The ground softens during this month, and worms begin to burrow out of the ground, thus the name worm moon. This is a good time for healing, allowing and magik. The sap is symbolic for nourishment as the blood running through your veins carrying health and healing. 

We will start with the sacred cacao plant as she is a nourisher and heart opener. Through energy and sound work will enhance the love feeling and create magic of the heart. And seal the ceremony with sacred sound. Feel free to bring something for the alter, a yoga mat and blanket.

Exchange $30 Cash or Check made to Cash

$33 CC

please register in advance so we know how to prepare :)

When approached with reverence EVERYTHING becomes sacred.

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