Enhance your Psychic Senses (Digital Course)

Friday, January 5, 2018 - 2:30am
Enhance Your Psychic Senses
Get instant access to this 5 part course that guides you through discovering and exploring your abilities.  You'll learn about controlling your vibration, connecting with your guides and higher self, visiting the Akashic Records and so much more.

Get instant access to this 5 part course:

Vibration Control

The first class helps you become the master of your vibration. This is the key to controlling the on and off switch for your senses and also to who visits you and what you see. The higher your vibration, the more accurate and peaceful your information will be. What's the different between getting clear, helpful information and vague, confusing information? Vibration.

Akashic Record Proficiency

The Akashic Records holds so much information for us. You can access past lives, your contracts, soul blueprints, and so much more! Knowing how to get in and find the information you want to see can change your life in an instant. It can free you from years of confusion and empower you to take charge of yourself going forward. It's also the best place to go when reading for others.

Seeing Spirits & Auras

Learn to use your inner and outer vision to see energy. You can learn to see the color in auras, the projected appearance of spirit guides and other beings, and anything else that is composed of energy.

Spirit Guide Communication

Learn to speak with and understand your guides, angels & other energy groups. Each group will have a different way of connecting with you. In this class you'll learn how to identify different energy signatures and how to ensure that you are speaking with invited guests only!

Decoding Source Symbols

The information you receive from your oversoul or from source will most likely be symbolic. These messages outline your personal map to enlightenment, your path to yourself. This class helps you tap into your own symbology so you can decipher these gifts & use them!

The Details:

  • - The course consists of 5 classes
  • - Each class is an hour and a half long
  • - All classes are recorded and can be listened to at any time
  • - You can hang out with me and your classmates in the Private Facebook group.  We share psychic stories and offer support in developing your talents.  
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